"You be the Judge"
Art Contest 2013
About the Contest

Hi, I'm Brian Neher, a professional portrait painter from Charlotte, North Carolina. Thanks so much for taking the time to learn more about the "You be the Judge" art contest 2013. I've chosen the title "You be the Judge" because viewers are given the opportunity to vote for their favorite paintings throughout the duration of the contest, ultimately deciding who the Grand Prize winner will be. The purpose of the contest is to help educate, inspire and equip an artist to further his or her art career by giving them an opportunity to showcase some of their work and a chance to win an incredible Grand Prize package worth over $10,000.

I ran a similar contest at the beginning of 2012 on my website at www.BrianNeher.com and had such a tremendous response from both artists and viewers, alike, asking when the next contest would be, that I've put together an even bigger event this time around.  In addition to last year's theme of "Educate, Inspire and Equip", I've also added "Exposure" and "Experience"  to this new contest, giving artists a chance to win some unbelievable opportunities that could greatly help them in their art career. 
  • Educate - In order to fully put into practice the principles of representational art, you must have access to the information that is needed for learning.
  •  Inspire – Nothing will help motivate you to pick up a brush and start painting more than being inspired by the work of master painters. By seeing the successful accomplishments of other artists, it will encourage you in your own work.
  • Equip – After you have the information needed for painting and are inspired to put those principles into practice, all that is needed are the supplies to do so.
  • Experience -The best way to learn about art is to experience it for yourself. Being under the guidance of a professional artist who can not only explain how to solve problems in your work but can also show you firsthand, will have a tremendous impact on your development as an artist.
  • Exposure - In order to sell your art, it must be seen by others. Getting your work in front of as many people as possible is vital to an artist's career. The Grand Prize package for the "You be the Judge" art contest 2013 contains some unique and rare opportunities for an artist to have their work seen on a large scale in major art publications around the world.
The Grand Prize package consists of items and opportunities from artists and companies that I highly recommend to others. Each one represents excellence in their field and I'm so honored to have them participate in this event. Click here to learn more about each of the sponsors of the "You be the Judge" art contest 2013.  With the help of so many fantastic artists and companies, I've put together an unbelievable Grand Prize package that's sure to inspire any artist. Best part of all, the contest is absolutely FREE to enter!

To learn more about how you can enter your artwork for a chance to win this incredible Grand Prize package, be sure to visit the "How to Enter" page for all of the details.

Take care and I look forward to seeing your work! 

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